Tickling the imagination. Developing technology and experiences people love. User Experience Research & Design of tangible and digital solutions.


Now I get to tell you a little about myself. I was born in Venezuela, but I’ve been fortunate to call many countries ‘home’ in my pursuit of new experiences and education, including Spain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the United States, and the Netherlands. After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing from Suffolk University in Boston, I worked in Digital Marketing for two years. During that time, I uncovered my passion for studying human behavior and the need for shaping technology to support and enhance people’s lives. That’s when I decided to seek a Master’s in Human-Technology Interaction from Eindhoven University of Technology.  

During the Master’s, I worked on a variety of research and design projects, where I got my hands dirty with new technologies in both physical and digital realms—from investigating trust towards self-driving cars, the potential of a smart drone assistant, and an interactive tactile goat for patients with dementia; to leading research efforts to improve the haptic experience in VR gaming, and collaborating with blind designers to develop new tactile creative interfaces.

My creative approach—no matter the medium or project—is to put the user first, taking the time to understand the problem and underlying mechanisms behind the needs and context of the user. For this, I apply a combination of common-practice research methods, but at times the problem at hand requires a new research approach, for which I create my own systematic adaptations. Finally, research data and results are of no use if they are not interpreted and communicated properly. Thus, I ensure that my synthesis of insights and recommendations are refined and easy to understand—and put into action—across people of different departments and stakeholders.




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