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Drone Assistant in Healthcare

I joined the Blue Jay Eindhoven team because we had the opportunity to develop a drone different from those in the market. Most are used for outdoors purposes (e.g. surveillance, filmography, crowd management) and engage in limited user interaction. However, what if we could take advantage of the fast response drones are capable of, fuse it with intelligent behavior and apply it to the healthcare sector?

In the  top , eye-gazing behavior concentrated in the road ahead suggests higher level of trust; while the  bottom  image suggest lower level of trust as driver monitors more often the dashboard, side mirror, and GPS.  Source:  Gold, Körber, Hohenberger, Lechner, & Bengler (2015)

| User Research

We investigated this possibility by interviewing industry experts, management, doctors and nurses from hospitals and healthcare facilities. The problem we found in common was that the number of registered nurses and caretakers was decreasing, and those currently working experienced high workload and pressure. Thus, we needed to find a solution that could help both healthcare professionals and patients alike.

As part of the research, we wanted to understand the different tasks nurses needed to accomplish on a daily basis, and thus allow us to identify if and how an intelligent drone could be of assistance. Research methods used, include observation, task analysis, contextual inquiries, interviews, and thematic analysis.



| Results

We found Blue Jay would add value in a variety of indoor environments with a focus on monitoring, detecting emergency situations, and bringing pertinent equipment or aid to the scene.

In the Final DEMO, we showed how the drone could monitor a group of swimmers in an indoor pool, detect a person who is beginning to drown, and bring a rescue buoy, or first aid kit—all done autonomously by the drone.

As the Lead Interaction Designer, my team was responsible for designing and planning the rescue scenario, as well as organizing the final exhibition, in which we showcased all the new developments accomplished by the company.


We also showcased a short film, presenting the vision of the company of how the drone can be integrated in a healthcare environment. This was based on the analysis obtained through our user research.